Beaucoup de New-Yorkais l’attendent et il devrait arriver en 2016 à Midtown Manhattan. Il s’agit bien sûr du Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum, une structure unique au monde qui symbolisera l’histoire de la culture du hip hop américain.


The Hip Hop Hall of Fame (HHOF) is now poised to become the “Museum and Educational Institution” of record for the 21st century. After two decades in development and producing the first ever Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show that was broadcast in national syndication, and on the BET Cable Network in the 1990s. The show that featured many hip hop pioneers, music artists, and celebrities including Run DMC with Jam Master Jay, DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation, DJ Kool DJ Red Alert, the Cold Crush Brothers, the Fearless Four, the Crash Crew, EPMD, Das EFX, Group Home, Sweet T, Raven Symone, Full Force, Onyx, Guru, and the legendary Grandmaster Flash. The flagship Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Show was established to be the annual fundraising vehicle to build and maintain The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Entertainment Complex will be located in the heart of New York City in Midtown Manhattan. The complex will include the Hall of Fame Museum, retail gift Store, sports bar, restaurant, concert lounge, arcade, and television studios. The facility will serve 1,000,000 visitors, fans, tourists, and students annually. It will produce 300 jobs, internships, host 200 annual live events and educational programs for people of all ages. The socio-economic impact in NYC is estimated over $350M annually.

The non-profit and fully Chartered HHHOF which will oversee the museum, preservation, collections, educational programming, individual & group tours, and community outreach with an executive team, full service staff, hip hop pioneers, and volunteers. The Museum will feature over 35 exhibits, galleries, interactive displays, special topic exhibits, memorabilia, and collectibles. Hall of Fame Inductees will be enshrined in wax, and explored through interactive exhibitions. Our vision is to present historical timelines that tell the unique story of Hip Hop and its creation, influences, elements, and values. The HHHOF while go a step further by sharing the true impact of the art form on the social, political, and economic landscape of the United States and the World.

The Museum is slated to complete development and construction in late 2015 or early 2016. A temporary Pop-Up Hip Hop Museum will be opened in Harlem, New York in fall 2014 showcasing over 50 exhibits, artifacts, and memorabilia. It will also feature a visitors center, and full radio & television broadcast studio for content creation and live streaming around the world.

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