Il n’existait pas de musée dédié au Food and Drink. Ce sera chose faite en octobre avec l’ouverture du MOFAD – Museum of Food And Drink – à Williamsburg New York.


The Museum of Food and Drink will feature a series of rotating exhibitions that provide an in-depth look at topics related to food history (how did the search for spices drive the age of exploration?), culture (what is the socioeconomic role of street food in cities?), science (where does soil come from, and why does it matter?), production (how is breakfast cereal made?), and commerce (what is the impact of coffee on world trade?). Through tastings, live demonstrations, and hands-on activities, these innovative exhibitions will bring to life the vital role of food in human culture.

In addition to world-class exhibitions, MOFAD will become a leader in food education, both within and without the museum’s four walls. Traveling exhibits, in-school educational programming, and youth development opportunities will bring the museum into the community and ensure MOFAD stays true to its mission of providing accessible and relevant food education for all. The museum’s varied in-house programs will reach a similarly broad audience. From lively debates on food politics to participatory cooking events and workshops on cutting-edge kitchen technology, a day at MOFAD will be a multifaceted educational experience that engages the senses, inspires curiosity, and encourages a deeper understanding of the many connections between food and the world around us.

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