Joli projet de l’agence hongkongaise Joey Ho Design qui a conçu une crèche centrée sur l’apprentissage de l’enfant. Pour cela, elle a utilisé des codes du design modernes, ludiques et ouverts sur l’espace. Réalisée comme une mini ville de 700 m², la crèche Spring permet à l’enfant d’explorer l’espace à travers deux maisons dans les arbres avec balançoires et toboggans.


A propos de Joe Ho :

Joey Ho draws his creative inspiration from the far-reaching corners of Asia. Born in Taiwan, raised in Singapore and gaining his Masters in Architecture from the University of Hong Kong, each of these culturally diverse yet artistically vibrant cities have played their part in fashioning Joey’s unique, avant-garde perspective of the world.

Planting his roots in Hong Kong, Joey set up Joey Ho Design Limited in 2002, attracting a young, energetic team of hugely talented individuals. Their diverse skills, styles and disciplines came together to create dynamic, engaging spaces where people can thrive and blossom.

We believe everyone is influenced and inspired by their architectural surroundings and with each new project comes the opportunity to help improve their environment and standard of living. To-date, Joey’s designs have garnered more than 100 internationally recognized awards.




A propos de l'auteur

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