Imaginez-vous partir en voyage et emporter votre maison avec vous. C’est ce que propose l’agence allemande LTG Lofts, qui a conçu Codoo, un loft entièrement personnalisable et transportable.


Des lignes compactes et futuristes, un module qui peut s’adapter à tout type de projet… Et si Codoo était l’avenir de l’habitat ? On vous laisse vous faire une idée en images et en interview.


How did you develop the idea of founding a company for mobile living?
I owe the idea of my company to my move to the countryside. For a long time I lived in the centre of Berlin City and I felt the urge to be out in nature – so without hesitation, I moved to the edge of town. The new location inspired me to do a new project: A home, in the middle of a bucolic, quiet environment with a close touch to nature and accessibility to public means of transport, proximity to my employment and in addition, mobility and sustainability. Why not create a living space, which can fulfil all these demands of modern society in one structure?

I was convinced, that the connection of living and nature would bring other people more vital energy, just like it happened to me. In the beginning, I didn’t even realize what would evolve from this vision.

What motivation is behind coodo?
The basic idea is that we want to set an example by constructively exerting influence on society and sho- wing, that ecological and sustainability demands are not contradictory to design and comfort rather, they can be connected harmonically, through innovation. We do not close our minds to the modern, fast – pa- ced, demanding world and the era of communication and consumption. Instead,we handle it, by allowing ourselves to live these contradictions. coodo refers to an expression of an attitude: Not more more more, but good good good. Our aim is dedication, ambition, and respectfulness as we face the challenge for a world more worth living. We act economically with conciseness and awareness. A coodo is more than a living space. A coodo has an effect. It is an essence of living: materialism reduced to the most essential, so that body, mind and soul can be unfolded. A coodo lets you be “yourself“.


What signalizes a coodo?
A coodo is reduced to the most essentials and concurrently offers a maximum of comfort – and all that, while only a minimum of ecological resources are used. Through its mobility, it fulfils the need for free- dom, individuality and independence. Additionally, it is modularly expendable, so it is easily adaptable to changing demands and thus can grow with you. A Smart-Home-System is installed as well, so that for example, lights and jalousies (blinds or shutters) can be directed with a smartphone.

Where are the coodos produced?
Coodos are produced in series, at locations throughout Europe and Asia.

Where could a coodo be installed?
Either on you own or a temporarily rented property, a roof top, in the mountain area, on the beach – a coo- do can also be placed in locations where conventional buildings cannot obtain a permit. The mobility of the coodo allows a quick, easy and economical installation, with a minimal impact on the building site and the environment, which would normally be impossible for traditional homes. The regulations for building permits differ from state to state.

How can a coodo be used?
It can be used as primary or secondary residence, as a garden lounge, a guest house or a weekend domi- cile (retreat), but it is also suitable for business matters. For example, companies or self-employees can use a coodo as an office or a meeting area, as an innovative space for exhibitions or you start your own business in a coodo. We can also imagine coodo resorts as an extension of hotel chains.


For whom is a coodo suitable, respectively for whom is it intended?
A coodo can be individualised and fulfils the most differential needs and demands. It is suitable for ever- yone, who is convinced by functionality, sustainability, comfort and mobility and who feels addressed by our philosophy.

To whom did you deliver the first coodo from the series production?
The first coodo was installed in Switzerland in February (2015), where it serves the staff members of the national air traffic control “Skyguide” as a retreat for quiet, relaxation and good conversations. Otherwise there are already 14 prototypes spread around the world.

Do you own one as well and if yes, where is it placed?
Unfortunately not yet! For my family with two children, the two-storied version would be ideal and right now that is still in production. But I am already on the lookout for a property and our office wants to move into a coodo as well, hopefully by next year.


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