À l’heure où les robots occupent plus que jamais le devant de la scène technologique, le réalisateur Ariel Martin présente iMom, un film de 14 minutes où la figure maternelle devient robot.


Si l’humain se robotise, pourquoi pas la mère ? Et surtout, dans quelle mesure le robot peut-il développer une présence – défaut d’une conscience – maternelle ? C’est en partant de cette idée qu’Ariel Martin a imaginé iMom, un film sur le rapport humain-robot et sur la place que l’humain est prêt à accorder aux robots.

A dark look into the black mirror of a society where technology has exceeded humanity

The iMom will change your life! Well, at least that’s what the ads claim. In this horror science fiction, when a mother leaves her kids under the supervision of the family’s iMom, a dark biblical link is realized.

It was only after the millionth time I saw a kid sitting obediently at a restaurant table, staring silently at their parent’s iPad that I wanted to tell a story about how tech products have seeped into family life. Originally I only intended to shoot a 2-minute YouTube clip of a mock-infomercial for a fictional child-rearing product. However once I edited the clip together, I started imagining a world beyond the ad. How would a family interact with Siri if she were actually walking around the home? In the end, I decided to both weave projects, the infomercial and narrative short, into one film.

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